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9 Day Classic Bush Safari

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9 Day Signature Bush Safari

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14 Day Signature Bush n’ Beach Safari

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11 Day Signature Bush Safari

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11 Day Classic Bush Safari

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Ngorongoro Crater

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       The Ngorongoro Crater, also known as the ‘Garden of Eden’ due to its beauty, is another very popular tourist attraction – it is the largest caldera in the world, and the crater is 100 square miles in area, with walls 1970 feet high. It is enclosed in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania. This crater is home to approximately 30,000 to 40,000 birds and animals, notably the black rhino.  A long spiraling road down the crater gives the most amazing views of the area that you are about to enter into – it is a world of…


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       Zanzibar is a wonderful island just off the coast of beautiful Dar-es-Salaam, the biggest city in Tanzania. The rich history that Zanzibar offers, along with its rich environment and special foods is something anybody who wants to plan a trip to Tanzania should not miss out on.        Zanzibar offers a unique cultural mix that reflects the eras of trade that Zanzibar has been a part of. Along with these trades, come the rich history as previously mentioned, of slavery which is a very interesting topic to learn about. Visit the archipelago that has been…

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Kia Lodge

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You are invited to join the expedition to summit the highest peak in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro! Authentic African Safaris is arranging an expedition to the highest peak in Africa to raise funds for the Tanzanian Children's Fund, an organization that works towards improvement of life and education for marginalized and orphan children. All profits from this expedition will go towards TCF. The climber can also raise additional funds for the project by getting additional sponsorship from family and friends, and the full amount can be directly banked into TCF's bank account. Your itinerary will start with a visit to the…

The route of the Great Wildebeest Migration

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The 'great wildebeest migration' is a movement of large number of the Wildebeest of Serengeti in the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, accompanied by zebras and other smaller gazelles, the Grant's, Thomson, eland and impala. They move in an annual pattern, which is fairly predictable. They keep migrating from one place to the other throughout the year, in search for fresh grazing and better water. The precise timing of the migration is entirely dependent upon the rainfall patters each year, but the broad patter works as follows: November: The short rains begin around November. A little  after this, in late November and December,…

Bush n’ Beach Safaris

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View the Splendor of Ngorongoro Crater

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view over Ngorongoro Crater

Nestled in the Crater Highlands of Tanzania, the Ngorongoro Crater is a conservation area and popular safari destination. It boasts an abundant African wild life, unprecedented natural beauty and a massive crater that is home to an estimated 30,000 animals. The Ngorongoro Crater offers a breathtaking view of the caldera and perfect sightseeing opportunities of the wildlife. Covering an area of 8,300 square kilometers, this African wildlife conservation center was previously part of the Serengeti National Park. However, the animals needed more grazing area so Ngorongoro was reclassified as an African wildlife conservation area in Tanzania. The site was declared…

Lake Manyara National Park

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       Known as one of the most scenic places in Tanzania, Lake Manyara stretches more than 30 miles, home to hundreds of baboons that you will see strolling along the roadside whilst you drive your way to the beautiful lake, and hundreds more monkeys, specifically the rare Colobus Monkey, who’s white and black furry tail is its most distinguished feature.        Not only is there a beautiful lake to look forward to on your visit to Lake Manyara National Park, but the wildlife is stunning. Although there aren’t that many animals to look forward to on…

They call this HOME!

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This is an amazing story of India Howell, who left everything and went to the outskirts of KARATU village in Tanzania and started a home for orphaned and marginalized children living in poverty. She partnered with Peter Leon, and started the Rift Valley Children's Village with 17 children in 2004, and today, 12 year later, they have over 100 children who call it home apart from running a primary and a secondary school! KUDOS to India and Peter! Like us on FACEBOOK to read more about the Rift Valley Children's Village and the Tanzanian Children Fund (TCF) and the efforts and involvement of Authentic…

Serengeti National Park Accommodations

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Your lodging choices in the Serengeti National Par are almost as vast as the landscape itself. As such, we have organized the list of accommodations int 3 sections; Central, North and South.

Newsletter: Beyond Wilderness

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  Authentic African Safaris Save the Rhino Save the Rhino International works to conserve viable populations of endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia. We recognise that the future of wildlife is inextricably linked to the communities that share its habitat. See what Tony & Lucy Fitzjohn are doing to save these endangered species at the Mkomazi Game Reserve in Tanzania. Giraffe Giraffe is Tanzania’s National Animal. They are the world's tallest mammals. Their legs are about 6 feet long. These long legs allow giraffes to run as fast as 35 miles an hour over short distances and cruise comfortably at…

Newsletter: Tarangire National Park

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  Authentic African Safaris: Tarangire National Park Tarangire National Park Tarangire National Park is a lovely park in Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit that is famous for elephant migration, birding and a quiet authentic safari atmosphere. Majority of travelers to Tanzania miss out on Tarangire altogether leaving it virtually untouched. Concentration of game is exceptional from July through to October. This seasonal National Park is a little gem on the Northern safari circuit, especially if you love elephants!   Tarangire River During these dry months the concentration of animals around the Tarangire river is almost as diverse and reliable as in…

Safari Camps & Lodges

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Pemba Island

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Authentic African Safari Photos

     Unlike its busy neighbor Zanzibar, Pemba Island is a wonderful small place to visit for simple relaxation and wonderful views both above and under the sea. Only a couple hundred kilometers away from Zanzibar, Pemba sits on the coast of the wonderful Tanzania. The island remains undiscovered for the most part, giving tourists a wonderful experience of having to discover many of the treasures that the island holds, such as the beautiful coral reefs and the abundance of fish that are found around. Once you find yourself in the sea, you’ll find it difficult to come out of…