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       Zanzibar is a wonderful island just off the coast of beautiful Dar-es-Salaam, the biggest city in Tanzania. The rich history that Zanzibar offers, along with its rich environment and special foods is something anybody who wants to plan a trip to Tanzania should not miss out on.        Zanzibar offers a unique cultural mix that reflects the eras of trade that Zanzibar has been a part of. Along with these trades, come the rich history as previously mentioned, of slavery which is a very interesting topic to learn about. Visit the archipelago that has been…

If you were on a summer trip in Tanzania right about now…

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You might have been playing in the ocean with the friendly Zanzibar dolphins that come out near mid-day to interact with tourists! Or you might have been in the middle of a wonderful Serengeti adventure, seeing animals that you haven’t ever seen in the wild! In another scenario, you may be wandering the streets of Arusha, interacting with the locals and tasting local foods that you will go back for again and again. You might have even been wandering the streets of Zanzibar, eating delicious street foods and learning about the history that Zanzibar has been part of over the…

Bush n’ Beach Safaris

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Authentic African Safari Itineraries & Packages

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View Our Recommended Safari Packages: Your safari will be customized to your schedule, interests and budget.

A 14 Day Tanzania Safari Itinerary

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Ever wondered what a 14 day Safari trip to Tanzania may seem like? Here’s a sample of one of our itineraries to give you a basic idea of what to expect: Starting price $3404.00 per person Day 1-2 You will depart from USA on Day 1. A safari agent will meet you on your arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport and escort you to your overnight hotel. Accommodation: Olasiti Lodge, Arusha Day 3 After breakfast, drive towards the Ngorongoro highlands. On the way, you will stop by the masai market and see the local artefacts. Have hot lunch at the lodge.…

14 Day Classic Bush n’ Beach Safari

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Tanzania Safari Packages – Itinerary

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download PDF for more details Arusha National Park - Day Tour Package ITINERARY FOR 1 DAY TOUR SAFARI Leave for Arusha National Park at 9:00am with packed lunches Drive to Park, 45 minutes drive. Arusha National Park has a vast variety of wild animals and is a hiker's paradise. Around the Park, trips to nearby villages, farms and markets provide excellent insight into the life of the local tribes. Visits to a coffee farm or walking safaris with the Maasai living below on the steppe are a few of the many options available. Have lunch at besides the Momela Lake in a…

14 Day Signature Bush n’ Beach Safari

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Part 1: Introducing Tanzania

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       The beautiful plains of Tanzania appeal to even the most introverted of people. Whether you like to learn about new cultures, or whether you want to just sit back and relax, Authentic African Safaris will help plan the vacation of your dreams.         Tanzania offers places that range from being able to interact with the locals to being able to just spend some quality time at the beach, all of which can be organized for you. Here are a couple of the attractions that makes Tanzania a wonderful holiday destination: The highest free-standing mountain,…

Safari Vacation to Tanzania – A Complete Guide (Part 1)

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Part 1 - About Tanzania Whether you are a first time visitor or a seasoned safari freak, Authentic African Safaris will help you plan a perfect safari to Tanzania. Tanzania - a great safari destination! The country has set aside one-quarter of its surface area for conservation purposes. Apart from the wildlife safaris, there in Mount Kilimanjaro - the highest mountain in Africa and the Highest free standing mountain in the world. Then there are Lakes Victoria, Tanganyika and Nyasa, the three largest freshwater lakes in Africa. And of course, how can we forget the spice island of Zanzibar and…

Golf Safaris

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       Usually when a person thinks about golfing, the first location that comes to mind may not be Africa. Regardless of that fact, here are a couple reasons why golfing in Africa, specifically Kenya, is a wonderful idea: amazing views of the wilderness that Kenya is famous for, wonderful weather all year round, private golf clubs, a vast majority of golf courses to choose from and many more!        Kenya has a total of 40 golf courses, 13 of which are 18-hole, and 10 which are used for championship events. There are a few only within…

African Safari Tours

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African Safari Tours Looking for the best African safari tours? Authentic African Safaris offers a wide variety of Tanzanian Safari Tours and custom safari packages tailored to your particular tastes. From camping safaris to lodge safaris – we can help plan your dream African Safari adventure! African Wildlife Safaris At Authentic African Safaris, we offer guided safaris to wildlife parks and a Mount Kilimanjaro climb. We offer walking, horseback, and balloon safaris. Your dream safari vacation is fully customizable or you can choose one of our specially created itineraries.   Camping Safaris Tanzania For adventure loving vacationers we offer camping safaris.…

Where would you go for your 2016 vacation?

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What better location than EAST AFRICA!!!   AFRICA is the wildlife heaven. It is famous for wildlife safaris, splendid hiking areas, beautiful crater, lakes and abundant natural glory. Thousands of people visit this continent of the world to witness the most wonder wildlife on our planet. It is one of the oldest inhabited areas of the world. Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania. This terrific country has many beaches and national parks where you could have lots of fun and adventure. It has many gorgeous mountains where you could enjoy the most enthralling experience of hiking. TANZANIA is…

Tanzania Safari

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Why Tanzania? Tanzania is without rival when it comes to African safaris. In layman’s terms, Tanzania is simply amazing. When you think of Tanzania you might picture a march of a thousand wildebeests during their Serengeti migration. You might think of a happy family of elephants crossing the muddy, wide Tarangire River, a healthy pride of lions catching some sunrays in the Ngorongoro Crater, or a flock of bright pink flamingos getting lunch on the banks of Lake Natron. These images that might come to mind are not unreasonable, and can be put to life during your visit to Tanzania.…