How much does an African Safari Cost?


Tanzania - AfricaThe simple answer is that African safari costs can vary.  If traveling from the US we recommend staying at least 10 days and you need to add about 3 more days for travel time.  Airfare alone will cost approximately $1200 US in the off season and can more than double in the peak season. Once you are in Tanzania you could expect to pay minimum of $4000 for a budget adventure and the sky is the limit once you get into luxury accommodations and exotic tours.

Some safaris can cost over $100,000 or more.  But for a low cost economy safari including airfare expect to budget at least $5000-$7000 depending on the season and the types of tours you wish to arrange.

Major Cost Factors When Planning Your Safari:

  • Length of Stay
    The more days your safari consists of the more your total cost will be.  However, your average cost per day generally decreases the longer you stay, especially if you factor in airfare and other travel expenses.  It can be quite costly to get to your destination, but once there there are a multitude of ways to enjoy your trip while keeping your costs in check.  The shorter your stay, the more it will cost per day. You will most likely be trying to get as much accomplished in as little time possible, and your travel expenses average over a shorter time period.  So while a shorter trip will decrease your overall cost, a longer trip will typically have the lowest cost per day.
  • Season
    As with any tourist destination, Tanzania is subject to in-season and out-of-season rate fluctuations.  If you want to keep your safari to the lowest possible cost, travel outside of peak season. But, keep in mind some tours and activities will be limited.  For example, you can not experience the wonder of the wildebeest migration out of season.  So before planning your trip, make sure to weigh the costs vs the experiences you are trying to achieve.
  • Accommodations
    Your choice of accommodations while visiting Tanzania vary from primitive camping trips, to luxury camping excursions to luxury villas and lodges.  Your choice of lodging while on safari will greatly impact your overall costs.  You want to make sure you enjoy your trip and are comfortable, so pick accommodations appropriate to your tastes.
  • Number of People
    The number of people on your trip can also affect your bottom line.  Obviously the more people, the more overall cost.  But similar to length of stay, your average cost per person can decrease if you factor in group rates on some tours and excursions.  Typically speaking a trip with one or two people will cost approximately the same per person, but a family of four or more may begin to experience significant cost savings with shared accommodations and group rates for certain tours and activities.