Authentic African Safaris is arranging safari expeditions to raise funds for Tanzania Children’s Fund, an organization that works towards improvement of life and education for marginalized children.

All proceeds from the expeditions Scheduled for June and July of 2016 will go towards TCF. The Tanzanian Children’s Fund (TCF) works to eliminate poverty and improve the lives of marginalized children and families in the Karaturegion of northern Tanzania.

As part of its mission, TCF provides a loving and permanent home for over 90 orphaned and vulnerable children at the Rift Valley Children’s Village.

TCF also works to promote the well-being of all children and address the problem of systemic poverty by providing access to high-quality education, free healthcare, and microfinance trainings and loans for the entire community.

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At Authentic African Safaris, we believe in giving back. What better way to give back then to help the children of Tanzania. Now you can help too.

The Rift Valley Children’s Village (RVCV) provides a loving home, family and community for 92 orphaned children. Inspired by the success of Gyetighi Primary School, in 2013, the government welcomed TCF to sign a similar contact with another local school,
Oldeani Secondary. We have already seen great improvements within the first year of the contract and expect to match the success of Gyetighi and become a top-ranking school in the coming years.

Schedule your safari for June or July of 2016 and all proceeds from your trip will go to the Tanzania Children’s Fund. Schedule your trip today!