Usually when a person thinks about golfing, the first location that comes to mind may not be Africa. Regardless of that fact, here are a couple reasons why golfing in Africa, specifically Kenya, is a wonderful idea: amazing views of the wilderness that Kenya is famous for, wonderful weather all year round, private golf clubs, a vast majority of golf courses to choose from and many more!

       Kenya has a total of 40 golf courses, 13 of which are 18-hole, and 10 which are used for championship events. There are a few only within a 20-mile radius of Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, which works well for those who want to go see more than just a golf course within your stay.


       One of the most appealing features of golfing in Kenya is the variety of golf courses that are available to pick from. There are beach clubs that show off an amazing view of the sapphire Indian Ocean, to views that show off the amazing snow cap of Mount Kenya. Each of these golf courses rival each other in beauty and it’s hard to pick which golf course to visit first!

       In addition to golf courses, Kenya has a lot to offer. From being able to climb Mount Kenya, to exploring the beautiful Masai Maara, Kenya is an amazing tourist destination. Plan a trip with a tourist advisor, and you’ll soon be on your way to not just an amazing golfing location, but on an adventure of a lifetime, seeing animals in the wild like you never have before, whilst doing what you love best – golf.

       At Authentic African Safaris, we help plan the best possible vacation for you. We will incorporate golfing into your schedule, as well as other fun activities that any tourist going to Kenya should partake in, such as seeing the animals at Masai Maara, or visiting the national parks nearby, or even swimming in the Indian Ocean. You can also visit the “Equator Line” which is located in Kenya and enjoy local entertainment as they demonstrate the Coriolis Effect, which is an effect that makes mass moving in a rotating system experience a force acting perpendicular to the motion of the rotation.

       Come plan a vacation today to the wonderful country of Kenya, and experience golf like you never have before, as well as Africa, like you never have before.