You might have been playing in the ocean with the friendly Zanzibar dolphins that come out near mid-day to interact with tourists! Or you might have been in the middle of a wonderful Serengeti adventure, seeing animals that you haven’t ever seen in the wild! In another scenario, you may be wandering the streets of Arusha, interacting with the locals and tasting local foods that you will go back for again and again. You might have even been wandering the streets of Zanzibar, eating delicious street foods and learning about the history that Zanzibar has been part of over the years. Heck, you might even be at the peak of Africa, on Mount Kilimanjaro, looking out on the beautiful sunrise one fine morning thinking to yourself, ‘I’m so glad I made this trip to Tanzania’.

Why should you book a Tanzania vacation? Because an experience like this can only be experienced there! Being able to go on a safari and climb a mountain too? Where else in the world can you do that? Regardless of what adventure you’d be partaking in right about now, you’re not in it. Book a ticket to Tanzania NOW and experience it all in the real!