Known as one of the most scenic places in Tanzania, Lake Manyara stretches more than 30 miles, home to hundreds of baboons that you will see strolling along the roadside whilst you drive your way to the beautiful lake, and hundreds more monkeys, specifically the rare Colobus Monkey, who’s white and black furry tail is its most distinguished feature.

       Not only is there a beautiful lake to look forward to on your visit to Lake Manyara National Park, but the wildlife is stunning. Although there aren’t that many animals to look forward to on your visit, the few animals that you will encounter will leave you perfectly satisfied with your visit. The baboons are a mischievous lot that might get into a scuffle with the locals that’s always amusing to see, since they mean no harm, and the monkeys – many different kinds – are always fun to watch, as they swing through the trees, minding their own business and trying not to attract too much attention (unless you leave some bananas around somewhere which they will go for!) Once you reach the lake, the flamingos are a sign to see. Once they take off, the sky is full of them, and it is absolutely wonderful to see.

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