Unlike its busy neighbor Zanzibar, Pemba Island is a wonderful small place to visit for simple relaxation and wonderful views both above and under the sea. Only a couple hundred kilometers away from Zanzibar, Pemba sits on the coast of the wonderful Tanzania. The island remains undiscovered for the most part, giving tourists a wonderful experience of having to discover many of the treasures that the island holds, such as the beautiful coral reefs and the abundance of fish that are found around. Once you find yourself in the sea, you’ll find it difficult to come out of it where there is so much more to explore. The Pemba terrain is healthy and fertile, and planted are wonderful trees with fruits and spices. Back during the time of trade, the island was known as Jazirat al Khuthera, the Green Island.

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     Many tourists don’t come by Pemba, which is unfortunate because the island has so much to offer. Its beauty is something many people miss out on, due to the fact that most people barely know about this particular place. Contact us at Authentic African Safaris for a wonderful chance to visit this island and to learn what many other have failed to learn about Pemba and all that it offers. Come book your vacation NOW!