Part 2 – Planning the Itinerary

Tanzania! The name seems intimidating at first. But as mentioned earlier, Tanzania is a politically stable country and traveling on safari is very safe.

Your perfect wildlife safari vacation to Tanzania may seem a farfetched reality, but our Tanzania travel specialist will ensure that they help you select the right safari so as to be able to experience the reality.


Our travel specialist will talk to you and understand your likes. The specialist will send you a questionnaire that will make sure that they understand your requirements. After the specialist has gone through the questionnaire, they will call you to discuss the requirements one on one.

Few of the points that the travel specialist may go over with you are as outlined below:

  1. Length of safari
  2. Approximate travel date
  3. Number of persons traveling together
  4. Level of safari – Luxury, Moderate, camping, etc.
  5. Any specific places you want to visit
  6. Any specific interests e.g. photography, culture visits, nigh game drives, mountain climbing, sea adventures, etc.

Safari Itinerary