Part 1: Introducing Tanzania

       The beautiful plains of Tanzania appeal to even the most introverted of people. Whether you like to learn about new cultures, or whether you want to just sit back and relax, Authentic African Safaris will help plan the vacation of your dreams.         Tanzania offers places that range from […]


Ngorongoro Crater

       The Ngorongoro Crater, also known as the ‘Garden of Eden’ due to its beauty, is another very popular tourist attraction – it is the largest caldera in the world, and the crater is 100 square miles in area, with walls 1970 feet high. It is enclosed in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in […]

Kenya Safari

The Serengeti

       The Serengeti (derived in Maasai language) means “endless plains”. True to its name, it spans 12,000 square miles. This region is located in the north Tanzania and stretches towards the south of Kenya. The plains in Tanzania are known as the Serengeti whereas the plains in Kenya are known as Maasai Mara. […]


Where would you go for your 2016 vacation?

What better location than EAST AFRICA!!!   AFRICA is the wildlife heaven. It is famous for wildlife safaris, splendid hiking areas, beautiful crater, lakes and abundant natural glory. Thousands of people visit this continent of the world to witness the most wonder wildlife on our planet. It is one of the oldest inhabited areas of […]

Newsletter: Beyond Wilderness

  Authentic African Safaris Save the Rhino Save the Rhino International works to conserve viable populations of endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia. We recognise that the future of wildlife is inextricably linked to the communities that share its habitat. See what Tony & Lucy Fitzjohn are doing to save these endangered species at the […]