authentic-african-safaris-elephant       Tarangire National Park is a lovely park in Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit that is famous for elephant migration, birding and a quiet authentic safari atmosphere. Majority of travelers to Tanzania miss out Tarangire altogether leaving it virtually untouched.

authentic african safaris elephants walking       Elephants are the main attraction with up to 3,000 in the park during the peak season months.  Peak season (July through October) also sees a good number of wildebeest and zebras as well as buffaloes, giraffes, Thompson’s gazelles, and occasionally cheetahs and leopards! Tarangire is also one of Tanzania’s finest birding destinations.

       In addition to these wonderful animals, you are also able to enjoy a nice picnic at a certain stop during the safari. A little area has been set aside for tourists of the park to enjoy a nice lunch, from which you can definitely see a couple more animals at a safe distance.

       The main activity in Tarangire is daytime game driving, however, if you are staying at the few lodges that are on the outskirts of the park, then walking and night safari is a possibility. This seasonal National Park is a little gem on the Northern safari circuit, especially if you love elephants! Book your Safari now at Authentic African Safaris to embark upon an amazing adventure!