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Tanzania Rift Valley Children’s Village – HOW TO GET INVOLVED ???

How can you be part of this effort? Take a safari with Authentic African Safaris to TANZANIA in June/July 2016 – ALL proceeds during these 2 months will go to the fund. While on safari, you will get a chance to personally visit the children’s enter and see for yourself what affect your donation will […]


They call this HOME – story continues – About the Rift Valley Children’s Village & Tanzanian Children’s Fund

HOW RVCV ACCOMPLISH THEIR MISSION The Tanzanian Children’s Fund works to ensure that all children and families in the Karatu region of northern Tanzania lead healthy and productive lives and have the opportunity to become positive agents of change for their country. In order to achieve our goals, TCF provides a loving and permanent home for 94 marginalized children at the […]


They call this HOME!

This is an amazing story of India Howell, who left everything and went to the outskirts of KARATU village in Tanzania and started a home for orphaned and marginalized children living in poverty. She partnered with Peter Leon, and started the Rift Valley Children’s Village with 17 children in 2004, and today, 12 year later, […]

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The Greatest Vacation Deal for 2016-2017! Don’t miss this!

What is the ingredient that you use for selecting your next vacation?  – A great destination?  –  fresh air?   – something different that you don’t see every day?  – PRICE?   We are pleased to offer you SPECIAL DISCOUNTED prices for AFRICAN WILDLIFE SAFARIS to Tanzania & Kenya starting February 2016 through June 2017. The offer […]