Part 3 – Safari Options: The Northern Circut

In the earlier blog, we talked about planning your safari vacation.

We also published an article on the Ebola Hype, and after reading that, you now must be at ease about travelling to Tanzania, as the country is completely safe from Ebola.

The vast amount of wildlife that you will encounter are habituated to the vehicles, making observation and photography more convenient.

Have you heard about the great wildebeest migration? Up to 2 million wildebeest, along with hundreds of thousands of zebras and gazelle, make this annual movement. It is one of the best wildlife spectacles, seeing the survival of the hunted and the hunters in their natural environment. This takes place between the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, the Masai Mara in Kenya and the Ngorongoro Plains in Tanzania.


In addition to the Serengeti National Park, in northern Tanzania, there is the Ngorongoro Crater – a conservation area and a famous safari destination. It boasts of wild life, unprecedented natural beauty and a massive crater that is home to an estimated 30,000 animals. The Crater offers a breathtaking view of the caldera and perfect sightseeing opportunities of the wildlife. Another fascinating aspect of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area is the Olduvai Gorge – this is where the remains of the ‘Homo Hablis’ were found. 3-million-year-old human footprints have also been found at the gorge, along with many other prehistoric fossils.


Lake Manyara National Park – found in the great Rift Valley area of Tanzania. It is very well known for the flamingos that inhabit the lake. The park is also very well known for their tree climbing lions.

Tarangire National Park – is very famous for elephant migration, birding and a quiet authentic safari atmosphere. Majority of travelers to Tanzania miss out on Tarangire, altogether leaving it virtually untouched.


Arusha National Park is very well connected to Hollywood for the filming of John Wayne’s Movie – ‘HATARI’. This park is famous for Giraffes and the Colobus Monkeys. This is also the route you will use when climbing the second highest mountain in Tanzania, Mount Meru.

Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest peak in Africa, the highest free standing mountain in the world, you cannot visit Tanzania and not climb this majestic mountain to view the snow cap on the equator!


These are the main attractions in the Northern circuit of Tanzania.

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