Kenya Safari

KENYA 11 day African Bush Safari

Authentic Africa’s KENYA Classic Collection 11 day African Bush Safari Ever wondered what a 11 day Safari trip to KENYA may seem like? Here’s a sample of one of our itineraries to give you a basic idea of what to expect. Starting price $2,330.00 per person Day 1: Arrival Nairobi, Kenya A Authentic African Safaris member […]

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The Greatest Vacation Deal for 2016-2017! Don’t miss this!

What is the ingredient that you use for selecting your next vacation?  – A great destination?  –  fresh air?   – something different that you don’t see every day?  – PRICE?   We are pleased to offer you SPECIAL DISCOUNTED prices for AFRICAN WILDLIFE SAFARIS to Tanzania & Kenya starting February 2016 through June 2017. The offer […]


The route of the Great Wildebeest Migration

The ‘great wildebeest migration’ is a movement of large number of the Wildebeest of Serengeti in the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, accompanied by zebras and other smaller gazelles, the Grant’s, Thomson, eland and impala. They move in an annual pattern, which is fairly predictable. They keep migrating from one place to the other throughout the year, in […]


Where would you go for your 2016 vacation?

What better location than EAST AFRICA!!!   AFRICA is the wildlife heaven. It is famous for wildlife safaris, splendid hiking areas, beautiful crater, lakes and abundant natural glory. Thousands of people visit this continent of the world to witness the most wonder wildlife on our planet. It is one of the oldest inhabited areas of […]