No Middleman

Authentic African Safaris is a United States based company that also has its own office in Tanzania! Not only does this allow us to stay up to date on what is going on right in Tanzania, but it also allows us to take special care of you upon your arrival! Having a Tanzania office also allows us to maintain our own vehicles and employ professional driver guides. Safari packages are made specifically for you to make sure you get to do and see all the things you want during your visit to Tanzania! Authentic African Safaris offers the best safari experience possible. Because we are a small group, it allows us to give you the personalized attention that you need. Cutting out the middleman also allows us to keep our prices lower, which means more spending money for you!

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Exclusively Tanzania

Authentic African Safaris has the best ground staff in all of Tanzania and will make sure that you are very well taken care of when you arrive to Tanzania. You will have the wildlife experience of a lifetime at Tanzania! As you may have read above, the nation has devoted 25 percent of its land to conservation! This being said, Tanzania has a higher concentration of wildlife animals than anywhere else in the world. Here at Authentic African Safaris, we are extremely passionate about Tanzania and your experience there. It brings us great pleasure to welcome you to such a beautiful and welcoming country. Karibu Tanzania! – Welcome to Tanzania!

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US Safari Experts

Our knowledgeable United States staff is readily available via our toll-free number. Because all of our staff has lived, worked, or extensively traveled in Tanzania, we can share our first-hand experience with you and make your safari planning and adventures as enjoyable as possible!

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Customized Vehicles

Authentic African Safaris even has its own fleet of customized Land Cruisers. We make sure that our rigs stay in great shape by servicing them at our Tanzania location.

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Local Tanzanian Guides

Chances are, you won’t have a great safari without a great guide. Lucky for you, Authentic African Safaris provides local guides who have been trained as professional drivers and naturalists. Their invaluable knowledge and skills allow them to provide you with a safari adventure that is better than you could imagine! From the time you land to the time you have to head back home, you will be the great hands of one of our amazing guides! Book your African Safari with Authentic African Safaris today!

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