Zanzibar is a wonderful island just off the coast of beautiful Dar-es-Salaam, the biggest city in Tanzania. The rich history that Zanzibar offers, along with its rich environment and special foods is something anybody who wants to plan a trip to Tanzania should not miss out on.

       Zanzibar offers a unique cultural mix that reflects the eras of trade that Zanzibar has been a part of. Along with these trades, come the rich history as previously mentioned, of slavery which is a very interesting topic to learn about. Visit the archipelago that has been inhabited for over 20, 000 years, which is now a major port. Go on a spice tour and and discover the different spices that are alive on the island, and that have made many of the wonderful dishes that are offered as local foods. On the topic of foods, visit the Forodhani Gardens at night, and mingle with the locals and experience Zanzibar as you never have before.


       Along with the experience comes the amazing Stone Town, the hub of Zanzibar. Exploring the ins and outs of this city is absolutely breathtaking, and unimaginable so a trip there is very much worth it. In addition to all that, who could forget about the actual reason most people come to places like Zanzibar – the beach! The beautiful waters and hotels lined up across the beach are an amazing thing to be part of.

       Find yourself swimming with dolphins, and taking a dhow boat across to another tiny island known as Prison Island, whose large tortoises and amazing history found on the little island are a sight to see and learn about. Walk around the island in less than 15 minutes, and swim in the wonderfully clear waters that surround it.


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